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"If music be the food
of love, play on”

There’s 3 things that

make our world go round,

Music, food & love.


Not necessarily in that order

but they’re all inextricably linked

and have been for centuries.

If there’s 2 things we’re incredibly passionate about here at the Paradise Carriage, its most definitely food & music! When the very best of these are combined, we like to think they generate a little bit of love ❤️ 


Our passion for the very best food & music is our trademark, and we want to share this with you via the Paradise Carriage.


It’s the brainchild of 2x Michelin starred chef Niall Keating. The groundbreaking chef who was Michelin’s 2018 young European chef of the year and the champion of champions on BBC2’s Great British Menu in 2020 has put together a team of people to help him deliver the perfect street food and music combo.


The Paradise Carriage is putting together plans for a post covid world and should you be interested in working with us, drop us an email or if you’re interested in paying us a visit sometime, keep your eye out on our social media for our whereabouts.


Interested in the paradise carriage for your event?

Thanks for your interest!

We will be in touch!

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